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Black Market

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Black Market is consisted of many exclusive features for its members.

Anyone can become a member by doing the "Access Quest".




  • Advisor - Gives players simple information about what you can do / find inside the Black Market.

darkmall (93, 145)


  • Warper - Warp you out of the Black Market.

darkmall (106, 145)


  • Reset Girl - Reset your Stats (2,000,000z), Skill (2,000,000z) & both (3,000,000z). Everyone gets 1x Free Reset.

darkmall (116, 108)


  • Costume Designer - This NPC will convert any headgears into costumes for 1x Red Gemstone716.gif, 1x Witched Starsand1061.gif & 3,000,000z.

darkmall (60, 133)


  • Casino Manager - Will warp you to the Casino Room.

darkmall (83, 108) & vip_lounge (150, 65)


  • Wheel Of Fortune - You can bet 100,000z each round and get the chance to win between items such as 1x Casino Coin 7720.gif, Afriel Dye Coupon6046.gif, 1x Throwing Increase HP Potion13277.gif, 1x Old Green Box12187.gif, 3x Old Violet Box13718.gif, 3x Yggdrassil Berry607.gif, 3 Old Blue Box603.gif& 3x Dead Branch604.gif.

vip_lounge (145, 60) + Appear each day at 15:00, 16:30, 19:00, 22:00 Server Time


  • Poring Race - You can bet on 6 different porings, you need 10,000z to register your bet. If your poring wins, you'll receive 2x Casino Coins 7720.gif.

vip_lounge (169, 63)


  • Crazy Boris (Rock, Paper, Scissors) - You can play against him and get the chance to receive 1x Casino Coin7720.gif, 2x Casino Coin7720.gif & 3x Casino Coin7720.gif.  But be careful you can die playing and you also have a chance to win nothing if he decides he's out of rewards... What a crook right?!

vip_lounge (169, 44)


  • Black Jack Dealer You have to bet mes 1x Casino Coin7720.gif + 2 zeny, 2x Casino Coin7720.gif + 10 zeny, 5 x Casino Coin7720.gif + 20 zeny, 10x Casino Coin7720.gif + 100 zenyWhen you win you'll receive 2x what you bet.

vip_lounge (161, 51)


  • Casino Vending Machine - With the Casino Coins you won with the gambling games, you'll be able to purchase items such as Convex Mirror12214.gif, Bloody Branch12103.gif, Giant Fly Wing12212.gif, Jewelry Box12106.gif & Wrapped Mask12107.gif.

vip_lounge (139, 51)



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