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Air Force

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Air Force on AfrielRO is a group of people that is hovering the skies of Midgard to watch for anomalies and warn the government to take action.

But since they realized the government was corrupted and didn't really care for their warnings, they started the task force named Ground Patrol.

You will become a member of this task force to access the bounty boards in order kill as many monsters as you possibly can and gain exp.

To gain access to the Air Force's airship you need to prove yourself to the Recruiter by doing a very simple quest which consist in gathering the following basic items:

  • 20 Jellopy 909.gif
  • 20 Feather 949.gif
  • 5 Grasshopper's Leg 940.gif

          Prontera (142 170)

The quest is rather easy because Bounty Boards are very usefull even when starting the game.

When the quest is done, you'll gain access to the Air Force's airship which contains the Informative Sailor & a Warper, so you can come back safe and sound to mother earth.

image.png image.png 

More information coming very soon!



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